the chocolate workout; you heard about it here first, remember that

So it looks like I’ll be teaching an exercise class next year, and I’ve had the most amazing idea.

A workout class where we all eat chocolate Santas afterwards.

chocolatesantaWe can all sit around, sweating, and eat our Santas, and talk about, you know, our days.

Eat the hat, chat chat, the torso, chat chat, the boots, chat chat.

A workout where you get to eat chocolate!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited about this.

chocolatesanta2It’s going to be so great.


Dream tinder,

is what it is.

All those cabins up at Elkmont.  My hand was in his, and my mind was chasing shadows.

GreenShackWho stood at that window and listened to the creek?

P1080101Who picked out those yellow linens? Somebody I’d like, probably.

P1080078Did she stand there, washing dishes and watching black bears, and missing a friend?

P1080073Did she sit here for hours, alone in the stillness, with the laurel moving gently outside, and her heart beating, beating?

P1080069Or lay here and dream?

Perfect day.  Perfect hand to hold my hand.

It’s just branches

We’re watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Our TV stopped, so I came in here to write silly stuff on this blog.

I do hope the Russian spy and the girl get together.

I put up a Christmas “tree” today.

It’s not a tree.  It’s branches. See?

ChristmasWeddingI needed a break from the silver one.

And I wanted a real one.  But cut trees make me sad (so do zoos), and we haven’t a great place to plant a tree with roots (pretty much our entire place is trees), so I made Millie traipse around the woods with me looking for branches this afternoon.  We talked about what if we were fairies.  I thought maybe in Heaven we could be fairies.  Minis of ourselves, and flying capabilities, and beds on moss.

And then Millie and I took pictures of this toy car with a twig on it.

ChristmasVWcolorI don’t really buy a lot of stuff.  And certainly not toys. And certainly certainly not toys from grocery stores.

But last year I saw this VW bus toy at a grocer and asked my husband to get it for me, and then he did.  Just like that.

So now I have a VW toy.  Look what all I can do with it!

I’m decompressing a bit from science.  And other things.  No chemistry, biology, physics for a month.  Today was the day when I let that sink in.

I have big plans to knit, and take pics, and do some carpentry.  And read Villette.  Again.

I wish it was January already, because of this.


I was supposed to be helping my husband work on our deck but then the most amazing thing happened, which was I found this bug.

P1080020And I thought how pretty he’d look with a red hat.  So I had to go back inside and make a red hat for the bug.

P1080022There he is.  There he is looking at his new hat and knowing what was about to happen and trying to get away, but to no avail.

I encouraged him to wear his new hat without assistance, but that was something he was simply not willing to do.

My camera caught him in a sort of silent scream.


It just didn’t go at all as I planned.  Although it was only like a three-second plan.

P1080028He’s back out in the front yard now.

Quiet shaken, no doubt, and on the way to legendary status amongst his bug friends.  From here on out he’ll always get a free pint and applause wherever he goes.

My husband doesn’t quite know what to do with me.

No free pints here.

October/November Knitting

As soon as the temperature dropped, I looked down at my lap to find a knitting project upon it.  Hmm.

Here it is:

P1080012It’s, sort of, this pattern.  Or, at least, those colors.  Sort of.

I didn’t have 100+ bucks for that yarn.  If you do, yay, buy dat yarn; but I don’t.  So I ordered Knit Picks’ Palette (fingering weight).  One skein each of: Spruce, Bluebell, White, Canary, Brass, Kumquat, and Orange.  My total was less than 30 bucks, including shipping.  And it’s lovely yarn.

The finished size measures about 39″ long x 31″ wide.  Will be a nice sized baby/toddler blanket.

I cast on 192 stitches onto US size 2 (yep, tiny) needles, and then knit almost all of each skein.  As with the original pattern instructions, I made sure to always attach each new yarn color on the same side, and, with the exception of the six attachment rows, begin each row by slipping the first stitch knitwise from needle to needle instead of knitting that first stitch, as this did indeed make for a tidier edge.

P1080017I like it!  It took like forever, but I like it.

I love projects like this where I can just rote-ly knit whilst chatting or watching a movie or passengering or spectating and not have to count, and that have lots of colors so I don’t get bored of seeing the same color for weeks on end, and that are useful.  I hope this gets used very soon by a very small person.

i guess i’m back


I’ve got to revive this blog.

My other site is, mainly, fueled by my left brain.

Lest my right brain atrophy, I’ll post here as well.



I got out my Christmas stuff the weekend after Thanksgiving, and where I have historically been so excited to decorate and begin celebrating advent, I just felt kind of pooped this year.  It took a few days.  Maybe it’s that the kids are all teenagerish now, and hanging out in their room, or at various functions, and I felt kind of lonely hanging the ornaments one by one, all by myself.

At one point I hollered to my daughter, “Hey! Do you like having a Christmas tree?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well then come help me decorate it!”

So she did.  Tree sparkling.  Color wheel rollin’.

P1070677Aw, my mom.

P1070682I got myself some choir children salt and pepper shakers.

They make me happy.  They remind me of something, but I don’t know what–something from my childhood.  But I didn’t know any choir children, and I wasn’t a choir child.  Our church didn’t even have a choir.

P1070700Things I’ve been doing: physics, catapults, grading tests and lab reports

Getting CPR/first aid/AED certified.

Reading a little of this and that

Watching this

Playing this

Baking these

And unfortunately eating those

And so doing more of this


What stuff have you been doing/reading/watching/playing/eating/sweating to?




McCloud Mountain


McCloud Mtn1

McCloud Mtn2

McCloud Mtn4

McCloud Mtn5

McCloud Mtn6

That’s McCloud Mountain, up near the Tennessee/Kentucky border.

We don’t often go that way, except to drive my daughter to horse camp.  And then go to parent night at horse camp.  And then pick her up at horse camp.

I didn’t even know that kind of beautiful was there.

On one side of McCloud is this insane panoramic view of mountains and pasture and horse farms and cow farms and subdivisions and highways and activity.  And that’s kind of cool when everything looks to be the size of Legos and cows look like ants.  At one point my mother-in-law said, “Oh, look at that dog!” and we were like, “That is a car.”

Then we went to look down the other side of the mountain.  That was the impressive side.  Mostly the red leaves were left, with some oranges and yellows that had cooled to champagne-ey.  A rouge solitude.  Lovely.

early november, all in a row















Kind of a grey day.

The dogs went on a little walk with me.  My dogs are not fenced in.  They could go anywhere they choose.  They could go to Canada or Mexico.

Mostly they just stay in our yard, though, waiting on dinnertime.

I find it funny, though, that when I go on a walk they chase after me and wag their tails and bark and make this huge loud deal out of it, and run down the road and through the woods, heralding us to all quiet nature, as if they are now free from their containment and chains and are finally able to go somewhere.


Oh, I see The Home Depot has had a data breach.


Sorry, what? Oh, yeah, the walk.  Well, I was done.   That was it.  We just went on a walk, and it was kind of cold and grey, but pretty, and it sounded like dogs.


I did?

I don’t know a lot about Sam Houston.  But apparently he once taught school near here for a few months, and now there’s this entire place dedicated to him.  I suspect that if I could talk to Sam Houston right now our conversation would look something like:

Me: So…you taught school in TN once?

Mr. Houston: I did?






My requisite seasonal collection of pretty debris:


prettyprettypretty debris


and then there was a random totem

smokin a wet stub

goodness what a furrowed brow

SamHoustonSchoolhouse4I hope Fall finds your brow unfurled.

I hope you, person, are breathing deep and holding your face to the waning sun, preparing for the joys ahead.