I don’t know why I should be like What?! about the snow on the ground this morning, but I am ready for Spring.

P1000066(1)I have some tulips inside.  I’ll let them grow up in a bubble, never telling them of the fate that has befallen their cousins in my neighbor’s flower bed this morning.

P1000062When people ask me what I’m up to, I’m like Oh just trying to stay warm, and they probably think I’m being cliche and vague, but that’s actually a very accurate description of what I’m doing.  My sister makes fun of me because I always have a coat on, like always.  I’m 39, and I’ve decided I need one of those old lady house coats.  You know, the really long ugly ones, with the zipper?  Hang on, I’ll find one….  OK, this.

My husband would leave me.

But at least all this trying-to-stay-warm weather has given me time to work on some projects.

P1000067I’ve been a knitting foo this winter.  Some sort of nesting instinct.  In case some younguns do show up.

P1000064New quilt time, yay!

P1000071(1)Need to beef up my stash, though.

My son has been turning wood like crazy lately.  The stars are completely aligned in Ezekiel’s favor, because he inherited his great-grandfather’s lathe and we live down the road from Jeffries, which is like the awesomest store in the world.  Seriously.  People come from all over to shop at this place–aisles upon aisles of the most beautiful wood specimens I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

P1000070(1)I’ve been begging Zeke to make me stuff, but he’s blowing me off.

I need a boxelder bowl.

Stay warm!


You Are My Bucket List

A fun thing to do is:

Wait until you’re almost forty, with two kids–teenagers, and start talking to your husband about having more kids.  Remind him how he always said, “Wait until the kids are a little older,” and then say, “The kids are older.”  Start asking him if he likes certain baby names.  Pray that God will help you understand the strange unfulfilled nagging in your heart, and help you understand why you dream of little kids with big, sad, questioning eyes.  Pray that your dreams will step out of your head at night and tiptoe across the pillows and then step down into your husband’s head, so that he can see them too.  Wait.  Tear up a little bit when your husband calls from work and says, “I found a toddler bed on Craigslist for a good deal.  Want to go get it tonight?”

Actual things we have in our house now, that we didn’t a year ago:

P1000055that toddler bed, monkey, banana quilt


P1000045(1)preschool books

P1000043all sorts of wee knitted and sewn stuff

Don’t know where all this will lead.  Just know God is leading me, leading me.  Leading us.  I told my friend last year that I hated that spot on every doctor form that says Mother’s occupation, because I don’t have one.  But I do.  I’m a mom.  I take care of kids.  And I love it.  And I thought for a moment that it all had to come to an end when my kids are grown, but that’s not true.

It is cold and there is snow on the ground, and we are only allowed to miss one session of our foster parenting classes, and a year ago I would not have imagined that tonight my husband and I would be asking God to please help us be able to get down off this mountain tomorrow and make it to class.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were out and about doing errands and we began talking about what we should do for our twentieth anniversary at the end of this year.  I ended up lamenting the fact that we never go anywhere.  (I turn into a person of extremes in arguments.)  At our next stop, I was walking through a store and saw a sign that said You are my bucket list.  And then I was snaking back through the store to where my husband was like, “I looooove youuuuu.  I just want youuuuu.  Only youuuu.  I don’t need to travel.”

It’s true.  This is my bucket list.  This life.  Wherever it leads, it’s mine.

zucchini bread days

This is a very rare bit of baking advice from me.  When making zucchini bread, shred your zucchini then toss it in, oh, half a teaspoon of salt.  Let it sit in your sink for awhile in a colander.  Every so often mash it all down and then toss it again.  Repeat after a few minutes.  The salt draws out a lot of the water in the zucchini.  Then make your zucchini bread, but omit at least half, if not all, of the salt your recipe calls for.  Unless you like really heavy, thick bread.  Which some people do! And that’s OK!

This is a between week for me.  Last week was helping teach a quilting camp/running my daughter to horse camp week, next week is art camp week.  So I’m working on my own projects.

P1070300My daughter’s quilt top is done.  I’m basting it together now.

I think I’ve got our school year mapped out.  But I think I’ve got it mapped out every year, and I don’t.  This is as organized and clutter free as this shelf will be for the next twelvemonth.

P1070309A few weeks from now I’ll be like, “Why cannot you guys just keep this clean?!  Whose socks are these? Why are they on the shelf? Where are the rulers? Where are the pencils? Where are the pencil sharpeners? Why is this library book here with the not library books? When was it due? What is this?! Is this food?!  Is that mold?!!”

Yes, these things will come to pass, and more.  And yet I cannot do anything to stop it.

Trying to enjoy summer.

P1070305My flower garden makes me very, very, very happy.

And we got goats.  They’re doing a fabulous job of eating the woods behind our house.  Every day they’re like nomnomnomwoods all day, and the woods are just disappearing. It’s phenomenal.

You proably know this because you payed attention in life, but I didn’t know that goats made this crying infant sound all the time.  I mean, I knew they made a goat-ish sound, but I thought it was occasional, and when they are under duress.

So it’s taken me a few weeks to teach myself to 1) not cry a little bit when I hear it 2) not go rushing out to check on them when I hear it.  I’m still learning to accept it.

But it still sounds like like little babies crying.  But they’re fine, apparently.  I run down there and they stop eating the woods for a second and just look at me like  “What?”

And my dog, Scout, got bit by a poisonous snake.  We thought he was a goner, but he pulled through.  He gets himself in so many scrapes.  I’m waiting on his annual skunking.  Just hope he doesn’t corner the skunk under my neighbor’s car like he did last year.  I’d look over there and see all the doors open on it where they were letting it air out and feel kind of responsible.  I know it’s not uncommon to drive over a dead skunk or drive past a skunk, but when the skunk skunks right under a car, man, that’s like ground zero.  For a while.

Oh, and a bat flew into our garage last night, but our cat took it out like the assassin she is.

The deer that eats apples from my neighbors apple tree just had her a baby deer!  And I want to hooooooooooooold it!!

One time I was driving and a deer and her fawn were in the road.  The mama saw me and went Oh, no! and jumped deftly over the goat fence next to the road.  The baby saw me and went oh no! and tried to jump over the fence, but instead jumped right into a square of it and got stuck.  The fawn was like days old, so tiny.  It was wiggling and crying and couldn’t get unstuck.  I got out of my car and went over to it because I though maybe I could help.  The mama turned around and walked straight toward her fawn, toward me.  The mama was snorting loudly.  She got right up to the fence, snorting, and just then the baby wriggled free and ran down the length of the fence, and her mama ran down the other side of the fence and then jumped back over and they disappeared together in some brush.

Mamas will do anything for their babies.  It’s pretty amazing.




summer sewing and not cooking

P1070288I got a sheet set that came in a little fabric bag.  Cut the bag up.  And a duvet cover that came with shams–yeah, right, like we use shams, cut those up.  Made a wee bedding set for a little girl I know.  (Clementine box doll bed.  It’s gotta be a clementine box bed.)  This little girl is just the most adorable thing ever.  She has three older brothers who are all really boyish boys.  They’re always in their tree house or digging up sassafras roots to make actual homemade soda (they collect antique bottles and let things ferment and they have some gadget that crimps the bottle caps on–it’s crazy; they’re the real deal), and then their tiny sister is there with her dainty Mary Jane shoes and her baby dolls and her baby doll “car seats” (little wicker baskets)–which her mama actually buckles into their vehicle.   I can’t wait to give it to her!!!

Working on my daughter’s quilt.

P1070291My pattern is: looking at a Pinterest picture on my phone every two minutes.  Needless to say, I really have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m confusing myself.

I finally finished a little lap quilt.  It’s not a quilt, technically, just a blanket.  Front and back.  I’m thinking it will be nice for an ever so slightly chilly fall afternoon on the back porch.

P1070296People have been giving me produce.  See how nice it looks on my counter?

P1070293Will I do anything with it, though? Ah, that’s the question.

I’m such a horrid cook.  Wish I could just toss stuff in a pan and saute it to perfection.  Add a liddabit of dis, a liddabit of dat, and…poof!  Food for the people!

But no.  I’m all looking on the Internet, trying to find a recipe, getting discouraged when I have everything but the marjoram, looking for another recipe, altering a recipe, cooking some ghastly concoction, burning the food, starting a fire, turning off the smoke detectors, answering the door cause my neighbors have come over to see if we’re OK because they heard the smoke detectors, crying a little bit, scrubbing my stove, having to take another shower to get the smell off, going to bed late and exhausted…

In the end, it’s just so much easier to take a picture of the vegetables, and then go sew something.

Do you know what I mean?  Does anybody…know? what I mean?

Probably not.  Probably just me.

something to paint, something to sew

P1070268Finally.  Seriously.  I think I began this quilt in…January?  I’m never free-motion quilting a queen-size quilt again.  It’s just too much wrestling that through the harp on my machine.

I need a bed skirt, huh?  But I can’t have a bed skirt because when I have a bed skirt on my bed my dogs suddenly want to go under it.  They rarely want to go under my bed, except when they hear thunder, gunshots (no, we don’t, fortunately, live near gangs–people hunt back in the woods behind our house), or fireworks.  But when I put a bed skirt on my bed, my dogs want to go under the bed like 100 times a day.  In and out, in and out, and I forget to close my bedroom door, so they go under the skirt, then they wedge themselves far under there where I cannot reach them.  So then my bed skirt (Hey! Wake up! No nodding off here!) becomes hairy and filthy, and it’s like, What’s that hairy filthy fabric doing round the bottom of your bed?

You may see a pattern/theme emerging from this blog, which is: Shannon has very poor boundaries concerning her animals.

Shannon has very poor boundaries, period.

Hi.  I’m Shannon.  I don’t know why I’ve reverted to the third person.

Anyhow, the next quilt I want to make is one that looks like this blanket:

quiltIwanttomakeThe link is from Pinterest, but I can’t pull up the actual original page.

I went to Lowe’s and found colors.

P1070271My daughter wants her room that Beach Glass color, so I guess we’re going to do that soon, and I’ll start trying to make a quilt that looks similar to that.

That’s the plan, at least.

Always something to paint, always something to sew.

That’s how I like it. 🙂