I got out my Christmas stuff the weekend after Thanksgiving, and where I have historically been so excited to decorate and begin celebrating advent, I just felt kind of pooped this year.  It took a few days.  Maybe it’s that the kids are all teenagerish now, and hanging out in their room, or at various functions, and I felt kind of lonely hanging the ornaments one by one, all by myself.

At one point I hollered to my daughter, “Hey! Do you like having a Christmas tree?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well then come help me decorate it!”

So she did.  Tree sparkling.  Color wheel rollin’.

P1070677Aw, my mom.

P1070682I got myself some choir children salt and pepper shakers.

They make me happy.  They remind me of something, but I don’t know what–something from my childhood.  But I didn’t know any choir children, and I wasn’t a choir child.  Our church didn’t even have a choir.

P1070700Things I’ve been doing: physics, catapults, grading tests and lab reports

Getting CPR/first aid/AED certified.

Reading a little of this and that

Watching this

Playing this

Baking these

And unfortunately eating those

And so doing more of this


What stuff have you been doing/reading/watching/playing/eating/sweating to?