september and i just b sewin’

…with my little pin doggie.

P1070364I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here for over a month.

I’ve been tweeting, though, so that’s something, right?

I started teaching a Physical Science course at a homeschool co-op.  Very new to me.  I generally stay at my house and, you know, sew.  My little brain is like but I don’t want to think about Newton’s laws; I just want to think about sewing stuff. 

Like when I’m supposed to be teaching Latin, but end up coloring the insides of tea boxes.


My friend went to Homer, Alaska and brought me this rock.

P1070363I love rocks.  I think my friend is very brave to go someplace where Grizzly bears eat people.  She said it was so beautiful your words catch in your throat and you want to remember everything your eyes can take in.  She is in love with Alaska and she wants to live there.  But the Grizzlies, I remind her.  She says, lightly, dismissively, well, yes, a hiker was attacked near where she stayed, while she was there, but, you know, those things happen, and it’s just so beautiful.

It reminds me of in The Odyssey, the Sirens.

Just trying to wrap up Summer (still haven’t vacationed yet) and get ready for Fall (yay, Fall!!!).  My little flower garden is still spitting out a few blooms here and there.

P1070359We have company coming next month and I’m trying to create some little play areas for their little ones.

P1070366Under the stairs will have to do.

I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to do things when it’s convenient.

Like, instead of making a special trip to the store for something for a meal, just postpone the meal, make whatever I can using what I have on hand, and then pick up groceries the next time I happen to be driving by the store.

And just saying no when people ask me to do stuff that’s going to make me harried or so tired that I’m not much of a help anyhow.

I’m trying to schedule dental and ortho appts on days when I’m going to be out and about.

Just killing two birds with one stone, that kind of thing.  I know, it’s common sense, but I certainly get caught up in the insanity and then have to reign it back in.

OK, but one area I’m having a hard time with is in my decision to make running more convenient.  Normally, I drive to a rec center where I can run indoors in the air conditioning, and then shower.  And then drive home all happy and clean.  My new convenient running plan has me swinging by the hilly park on my way home from dropping my daughter off at dance, say, and running in the hot August sun mid-afternoon.  It’s like running in a bag.  Sweat comes out, but then does it go into the air?–no, it runs down my neck and arms and legs, drenching my headphones and clothing and socks and shoes and watch band.  My glasses fog up, and then my nose is all sweaty and my glasses sliiiiiiiide down my nose, resting on the very tip.  Then after I run I get into my car and drive home, my sweat leeching through the beach towel I’ve draped over my seat, and into the upholstery.  I’ve got the AC cranked up, because I’m about to die.  And then suddenly I go from immensely hot to immensely cold.  The AC has cooled my soggy clothing and I am now freezing, thinking how I’d like to take a hot bath once I get home.  It’s 95 degrees outside.  My dear friends, this ought not to be.

Running should be convenient AND pleasant.  The unfairness of it all is turning me into this bitter, bitter gal.

I fear I may have to revert back to a state of inconvenience.

Which is simply unacceptable.




stoopJanuarywoodsJanuarydogsJanuary20WaysJanuarymushroomsJanuarybranchesJanuaryrosesJanuaryP1060977A local car dealer has what they call “Vanuary”–when they have a, supposedly, big van sale in January.  I think that’s clever.  I wish I had an old VW bus; then I’d call every month Vanuary.  But I don’t.  Hey, my space-bar is sticking.  Wonder if I dropped oatmeal on it this morning.

Do I need to tell you at this point that things are a bit dull round here?

Things are a bit dull round…what was I saying?

It’s been snowing an unfair amount, I think, for East Tennesseans who didn’t sign up for this much snow.

Before Christmas I saw a drawing book at Jo-Ann’s that I really liked the looks of.  My daughter was with me.  She stood there all boooooooooored as I thumbed through it, and was all seriously? with her expression when I fawned over it.  I didn’t get it.

So my daughter got it as a Christmas gift from my dad and mom.  When I saw her unwrap it I was like, “No way!  I want that book!”

My mom said she just got it because she told all her grandkids to write down what they wanted the most for Christmas, and my daughter wrote down that book.

She wrote it down because she knew I wanted it, and if she got it, it would be like she was getting it for me.  My daughter is pretty sweet like that, and pretty frustrating like that.  She played her Christmas card for me!

So naturally I’m drawing things from it every day.  Who will be the lucky duck who gets a mushroom valentine?  Hmmm.

I have exactly a week now to paint tree branches for a church Valentine’s Day dinner.  For centerpieces.  I’m going to dangle wee hearts from them.  It looked good on Pinterest.  Famous.  Last.  Words.

STINKING       SPACE-BAR       YOU     WILL            SUBMIT

Oh, and I made Loch Ness Monster plushies, as per this lovely pattern.  Nessie and Nesette they’re called.  I’m giving them to my 3-year old niece.  (Also made one for my 14 yr old son.  Because he asked me for one.  I find this hilarious.)  If my niece doesn’t like them, then I’m going to instruct my sister to play with them herself.  Do some role-playing or something.  I mean, I’m not giving away LOCH NESS MONSTERS and them not be played with, cause that’s just wrong.