Hi.  I’m Shannon.  Sometimes I have green hair.  I like to be at home.  I homeschool my two kids (middle school, high school), but I’m not a great teacher–I squeak by by the seat of my pants.  Sometimes I get frustrated with my kids and want to do something for mejustme, and I think about enrolling them in an actual brick school, but I’d miss them too much.  They’re kind of my best friends, and I think they’re cool.  I’m mentally preparing myself for the day my daughter flees from me and my over-protectiveness.  My son, though, he’s like me.  He’ll have to be physically extracted from the house when the time comes.  We live in a little blue house in East Tennessee in the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains.  It’s very pretty here.  Very, very storybook pretty, but it comes with a price for a lot of people, including us–we sneeze and sniff and wheeze on and off all year.  Knoxville is the allergy capital of the US.  True story.  I want to find a not cliche way of saying I’m a Christian–a not cliche way of saying that I owe everything to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  But I’m a Christian, and I do owe everything to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Best friend ever.  Husband second.  Then kids.  I do concern myself with politics, but I can never figure out exactly what I am.  Seventy-five years ago I guess I would’ve been a Democrat, today no way.  I usually vote Republican, but only because push has come to shove.  An online test once told me I was a centrist, like John Kerry; this shocked me.  I identify with a lot of libertarians, but not necessarily Libertarians.  I thought The Tea Party was a great movement at its get-go, but now…I don’t know.  I’ve decided I’m just a Christ-follower, and if there’s a truly Godly man or woman emerging as a leader, well, I’m with that guy–that’s who I’ll place my money on any day.  If Christ isn’t in it, then I think it’s a crap shoot.  A lot of people would say that makes me a religious fundamentalist idealistic unrealistic idiot.

But ultimately, they’re not who I’ll answer to.


About i said tennessee

Me, just me, in Tennessee

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