bye old year



In 2016 I learned my own limits.  The hard way.

My body went kind of went haywire.  It took a lot of tears and a really good doctor and months of a strict hormone and supplement regimen to get back to “normal.”

We are no longer fostering toddlers.  And I have the deepest respect for foster parents.

I am trying to “bloom where I’m planted”, so to speak, in these last few years that my kids are still home/homeschooling before college.  I can feel God transitioning me into something–teaching me much needed lessons.  I have been clinging to this notion that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.  Because the temptation is to crawl under the sheets and think that I am equipped for nothing, but that is simply not the way it goes when your boss is the creator of the universe.

Praise Him!

Praise Him for lessons! For wisdom! For His infinite mercy and love!

Always.  Praise Him.


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Me, just me, in Tennessee

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