tiny dresses for tiny humans

I can’t believe these wee things would actually fit a human.  They’re just so tiny!

LittleGeraniumDress2LittleGeraniumDress1I had the fabric scraps…

and the pattern was free…

and there sat my sewing machine…

I like looking at flowers on fabric and all, but I’m ready to look at flowers outside.  Lenten roses, primroses, forsythia, daffodils, Redbud blossoms…

Oh! I’m going to San Diego!  Soon!  And our friends are going to take us to see ranunculus (ranunculi??) outside.  That’s crazy.  I always see ranunculus in seed catalogs (which I’m getting daily right now–you?), but as much as I love them I know they’d face certain death here.

Stay warm.  Stay hopeful.


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One response to “tiny dresses for tiny humans

  1. I was just looking for a 0-3 months pattern for a friend’s baby and I actually just finished making an adult Made by Rae garment and didn’t even see this! So thank you! :)) They’re lovely.

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