swans, elephants…lice

So there’s a mini crib in our room now.  Love that fabric.  Love that crib sheet tutorial.

Mini CribIt’s a little surreal.  Zeke is 16, Millie is 14.   Baby stuff has been gone for a loooong time, and now we’re getting it all back again.  My husband and I were putting the crib together, and I kept asking him if he was OK.  He says he is.  He’s pretty cool.  I read that there’s this super lice now.  Like lice with super powers.  I told my husband about this.  I’m like, “And we’re a fuchsia state.  That’s bad.  We could have the super lice come ridin into our house on a kid.”  He’s like, “Yeah, probably.”  Like I said, he’s pretty cool.

Today I got up early and taught a barre class, and I was nervous.  But everybody was really nice and smiled at me and I like that.  And my friend Amy, who teaches killer tabata, got up early (5:30) and drove over to the studio just to see if I was OK and to encourage me.  That’s a friend.  I thank God for my friends.

My quads ache.

Today I hope to just make stuff.

I’m the worst embroiderer ever, but I just keep on.  I did a swan…

Swan Embroidery(I like swans)

Swan Shelf…which now needs to be a wee quilt.  So I’ll do that.

And I really want to embroider an elephant.  I like elephants too.



tiny dresses for tiny humans

I can’t believe these wee things would actually fit a human.  They’re just so tiny!

LittleGeraniumDress2LittleGeraniumDress1I had the fabric scraps…

and the pattern was free…

and there sat my sewing machine…

I like looking at flowers on fabric and all, but I’m ready to look at flowers outside.  Lenten roses, primroses, forsythia, daffodils, Redbud blossoms…

Oh! I’m going to San Diego!  Soon!  And our friends are going to take us to see ranunculus (ranunculi??) outside.  That’s crazy.  I always see ranunculus in seed catalogs (which I’m getting daily right now–you?), but as much as I love them I know they’d face certain death here.

Stay warm.  Stay hopeful.


I don’t know why I should be like What?! about the snow on the ground this morning, but I am ready for Spring.

P1000066(1)I have some tulips inside.  I’ll let them grow up in a bubble, never telling them of the fate that has befallen their cousins in my neighbor’s flower bed this morning.

P1000062When people ask me what I’m up to, I’m like Oh just trying to stay warm, and they probably think I’m being cliche and vague, but that’s actually a very accurate description of what I’m doing.  My sister makes fun of me because I always have a coat on, like always.  I’m 39, and I’ve decided I need one of those old lady house coats.  You know, the really long ugly ones, with the zipper?  Hang on, I’ll find one….  OK, this.

My husband would leave me.

But at least all this trying-to-stay-warm weather has given me time to work on some projects.

P1000067I’ve been a knitting foo this winter.  Some sort of nesting instinct.  In case some younguns do show up.

P1000064New quilt time, yay!

P1000071(1)Need to beef up my stash, though.

My son has been turning wood like crazy lately.  The stars are completely aligned in Ezekiel’s favor, because he inherited his great-grandfather’s lathe and we live down the road from Jeffries, which is like the awesomest store in the world.  Seriously.  People come from all over to shop at this place–aisles upon aisles of the most beautiful wood specimens I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

P1000070(1)I’ve been begging Zeke to make me stuff, but he’s blowing me off.

I need a boxelder bowl.

Stay warm!