i guess not really about yellow

I’m using a different camera/lens now, and trying it out.  It will take me awhile to get the hang of it all.  I just spoke to my husband on the phone.  His mind is full of software specs and deadlines and algorithms, and he’s driving from one place to another, and he asked me what I’ve been up to today, and I’m like, “Really important stuff, just like your stuff.”

But I was just taking pictures of yellow things.





…and his friends…



Sometimes I feel like God is going to find me out and suddenly take notice of me, here, taking pictures of yellow things in my house on this rutty mountain, knitting and sewing and learnin the kids whilst my good good man works so hard to provide, and be like, “Um, no.  You’re fired.”

So I just say “thank you”, to Him, and to him, as sincerely and as often as I can, and my heart still does that skippy thing in the late afternoon when I hear the rumble of his truck crunching down that last stretch of road to our house, and then the big creaky door opens and there are those blue eyes, and the briefcase gets chucked onto the boot bench, and his arms open up to give me a hug, and he’ll tell me things I can’t tell you–things that are just mine, sorry, and


this was just supposed to be about yellow things.


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