It’s just branches

We’re watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Our TV stopped, so I came in here to write silly stuff on this blog.

I do hope the Russian spy and the girl get together.

I put up a Christmas “tree” today.

It’s not a tree.  It’s branches. See?

ChristmasWeddingI needed a break from the silver one.

And I wanted a real one.  But cut trees make me sad (so do zoos), and we haven’t a great place to plant a tree with roots (pretty much our entire place is trees), so I made Millie traipse around the woods with me looking for branches this afternoon.  We talked about what if we were fairies.  I thought maybe in Heaven we could be fairies.  Minis of ourselves, and flying capabilities, and beds on moss.

And then Millie and I took pictures of this toy car with a twig on it.

ChristmasVWcolorI don’t really buy a lot of stuff.  And certainly not toys. And certainly certainly not toys from grocery stores.

But last year I saw this VW bus toy at a grocer and asked my husband to get it for me, and then he did.  Just like that.

So now I have a VW toy.  Look what all I can do with it!

I’m decompressing a bit from science.  And other things.  No chemistry, biology, physics for a month.  Today was the day when I let that sink in.

I have big plans to knit, and take pics, and do some carpentry.  And read Villette.  Again.

I wish it was January already, because of this.



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