the chocolate workout; you heard about it here first, remember that

So it looks like I’ll be teaching an exercise class next year, and I’ve had the most amazing idea.

A workout class where we all eat chocolate Santas afterwards.

chocolatesantaWe can all sit around, sweating, and eat our Santas, and talk about, you know, our days.

Eat the hat, chat chat, the torso, chat chat, the boots, chat chat.

A workout where you get to eat chocolate!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited about this.

chocolatesanta2It’s going to be so great.


Dream tinder,

is what it is.

All those cabins up at Elkmont.  My hand was in his, and my mind was chasing shadows.

GreenShackWho stood at that window and listened to the creek?

P1080101Who picked out those yellow linens? Somebody I’d like, probably.

P1080078Did she stand there, washing dishes and watching black bears, and missing a friend?

P1080073Did she sit here for hours, alone in the stillness, with the laurel moving gently outside, and her heart beating, beating?

P1080069Or lay here and dream?

Perfect day.  Perfect hand to hold my hand.

It’s just branches

We’re watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Our TV stopped, so I came in here to write silly stuff on this blog.

I do hope the Russian spy and the girl get together.

I put up a Christmas “tree” today.

It’s not a tree.  It’s branches. See?

ChristmasWeddingI needed a break from the silver one.

And I wanted a real one.  But cut trees make me sad (so do zoos), and we haven’t a great place to plant a tree with roots (pretty much our entire place is trees), so I made Millie traipse around the woods with me looking for branches this afternoon.  We talked about what if we were fairies.  I thought maybe in Heaven we could be fairies.  Minis of ourselves, and flying capabilities, and beds on moss.

And then Millie and I took pictures of this toy car with a twig on it.

ChristmasVWcolorI don’t really buy a lot of stuff.  And certainly not toys. And certainly certainly not toys from grocery stores.

But last year I saw this VW bus toy at a grocer and asked my husband to get it for me, and then he did.  Just like that.

So now I have a VW toy.  Look what all I can do with it!

I’m decompressing a bit from science.  And other things.  No chemistry, biology, physics for a month.  Today was the day when I let that sink in.

I have big plans to knit, and take pics, and do some carpentry.  And read Villette.  Again.

I wish it was January already, because of this.