I was supposed to be helping my husband work on our deck but then the most amazing thing happened, which was I found this bug.

P1080020And I thought how pretty he’d look with a red hat.  So I had to go back inside and make a red hat for the bug.

P1080022There he is.  There he is looking at his new hat and knowing what was about to happen and trying to get away, but to no avail.

I encouraged him to wear his new hat without assistance, but that was something he was simply not willing to do.

My camera caught him in a sort of silent scream.


It just didn’t go at all as I planned.  Although it was only like a three-second plan.

P1080028He’s back out in the front yard now.

Quiet shaken, no doubt, and on the way to legendary status amongst his bug friends.  From here on out he’ll always get a free pint and applause wherever he goes.

My husband doesn’t quite know what to do with me.

No free pints here.


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Me, just me, in Tennessee

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