October/November Knitting

As soon as the temperature dropped, I looked down at my lap to find a knitting project upon it.  Hmm.

Here it is:

P1080012It’s, sort of, this pattern.  Or, at least, those colors.  Sort of.

I didn’t have 100+ bucks for that yarn.  If you do, yay, buy dat yarn; but I don’t.  So I ordered Knit Picks’ Palette (fingering weight).  One skein each of: Spruce, Bluebell, White, Canary, Brass, Kumquat, and Orange.  My total was less than 30 bucks, including shipping.  And it’s lovely yarn.

The finished size measures about 39″ long x 31″ wide.  Will be a nice sized baby/toddler blanket.

I cast on 192 stitches onto US size 2 (yep, tiny) needles, and then knit almost all of each skein.  As with the original pattern instructions, I made sure to always attach each new yarn color on the same side, and, with the exception of the six attachment rows, begin each row by slipping the first stitch knitwise from needle to needle instead of knitting that first stitch, as this did indeed make for a tidier edge.

P1080017I like it!  It took like forever, but I like it.

I love projects like this where I can just rote-ly knit whilst chatting or watching a movie or passengering or spectating and not have to count, and that have lots of colors so I don’t get bored of seeing the same color for weeks on end, and that are useful.  I hope this gets used very soon by a very small person.


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