McCloud Mountain


McCloud Mtn1

McCloud Mtn2

McCloud Mtn4

McCloud Mtn5

McCloud Mtn6

That’s McCloud Mountain, up near the Tennessee/Kentucky border.

We don’t often go that way, except to drive my daughter to horse camp.  And then go to parent night at horse camp.  And then pick her up at horse camp.

I didn’t even know that kind of beautiful was there.

On one side of McCloud is this insane panoramic view of mountains and pasture and horse farms and cow farms and subdivisions and highways and activity.  And that’s kind of cool when everything looks to be the size of Legos and cows look like ants.  At one point my mother-in-law said, “Oh, look at that dog!” and we were like, “That is a car.”

Then we went to look down the other side of the mountain.  That was the impressive side.  Mostly the red leaves were left, with some oranges and yellows that had cooled to champagne-ey.  A rouge solitude.  Lovely.


early november, all in a row















Kind of a grey day.

The dogs went on a little walk with me.  My dogs are not fenced in.  They could go anywhere they choose.  They could go to Canada or Mexico.

Mostly they just stay in our yard, though, waiting on dinnertime.

I find it funny, though, that when I go on a walk they chase after me and wag their tails and bark and make this huge loud deal out of it, and run down the road and through the woods, heralding us to all quiet nature, as if they are now free from their containment and chains and are finally able to go somewhere.


Oh, I see The Home Depot has had a data breach.


Sorry, what? Oh, yeah, the walk.  Well, I was done.   That was it.  We just went on a walk, and it was kind of cold and grey, but pretty, and it sounded like dogs.