I did?

I don’t know a lot about Sam Houston.  But apparently he once taught school near here for a few months, and now there’s this entire place dedicated to him.  I suspect that if I could talk to Sam Houston right now our conversation would look something like:

Me: So…you taught school in TN once?

Mr. Houston: I did?






My requisite seasonal collection of pretty debris:


prettyprettypretty debris


and then there was a random totem

smokin a wet stub

goodness what a furrowed brow

SamHoustonSchoolhouse4I hope Fall finds your brow unfurled.

I hope you, person, are breathing deep and holding your face to the waning sun, preparing for the joys ahead.


oct, maybe kisses







oct is here

plenty of jerusalem artichokes from the looks of it

my friend told me she’s heard of people having to move, they’re so invasive

flower patch still spittin out zinnias; fine with me

another hen is laying.  saved from the stewpot {not. not that i’d do that}

i have to wear my ugly apron into the woods when i feed the goats because they hop up

they hop up with their mud and muddy my pants

not anymore

now the apron

unflatteringest apron which ever was ever

and the boots

the pink boots that will survive the apocalypse

all bad deeds are done in the pink boots

just lovin these early oct days

windows open

a bit of rain here, some rays of sunshine there

a cool breeze here, a stillness there

the cat sleeps as if near death; this is what she does at the equinoxes, her hair either falling out or filling in

interesting about cats

maybe we will hike tomorrow

maybe we will kiss in the woods

maybe he will take my little hand, maybe i will take his freckly one