wasted years, cockatoos, and Angelina Jolie

Saw this at a cute little store o’ curiosities the other day and there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me.

P1070262All these years.  All these years I’ve been going to thrift stores and not once have I considered buying an old kettle in which to plant a succulent.  Oh the tragedy!!

I love little hens and chicks like that, don’t you?  They’re so exquisite.  Look at all that this website has.

New thought now.

I was thinking yesterday about a few things.  One is that I’d like a bird.  A cockatoo.  I’d get it from Parrot Mountain when it was a baby.  I’d go visit it when it was still in the nursery and be so happy that people from all over the world were petting it and talking to it and making it happy.  Then it would come home.  It would sit on my shoulder all day long.  I would rock it and scratch it’s tummy.  It could make all the messes it wanted, and I wouldn’t care.  I would just sweep it up every day before bed.  We would be such good friends.  I’d put several names into a hat–names like Sylvester or Amos or Bryn or Hoyt or Patrice or Ophelia or Honorine–and then tell the cockatoo that he/she could pick out his/her own name; just bob in there and pick one with its beak.  If it picked one that wasn’t my favorite I’d say, “Pick again.”  I would knit it stuff.  Seriously, I would.  Ravlery would have a new “knitted bird apparel” category because of me.   I’d make sure we allowed for a home for it in our will, as it would surely outlive me.

But I can’t do any of that because my cat would kill the cockatoo and dismember it within hours of it arriving home.

And the other thing I was thinking was that I used to think Angelina Jolie was kind of a mess, but now everything I read about her seems to suggest she’s not a mess at all.  I read once that most people come to a crossroads in their life in which they have to choose whether to continue on a path of Success, or change to a focus on Significance.  I’m pretty sure she went with Significance.  And that’s ace, I think.

I’ll bet Angelina has a bird.


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