Memorial Day in a weird brown color

TennesseegnomecoralbellsandtoadabodeagastacheexplorerschickenandScoutexplorershollyhockexplorerstomatoesexplorershusbandwieldingmacheteexplorershoneysuckleexplorersrosesexplorersOur gnome.  Our Tennessee gnome.  He helps win football games, see.

Coral bells and our toad abode.  Vacancy.  Tell your toad friends.

Anise hyssop.  Soon I will tweeze my fingers down the length of the stems and then inhale the licorice fragrance on my thumb and forefinger, again and again and again and every time I’m outside.

Scout and my one surviving chicken.  Maybe next weekend we’ll go to the farm that’s an hour away and get some new ones.  Delawares.

Jet black hollyhocks.  Last week I thought they were burdock.  I’m so delighted they’re hollyhocks!!  I much prefer hollyhocks!

Tomatoes.  We’re trying straw bale gardening this year.  So far so good.

My husband wielding his machete.  I told him, “No, hold it like you’re wielding.”  He did his best.  Then he said, “You betta stay outta my blood line.” Then he went to play tennis.

What he’s up against.  Miles, it seems, of honeysuckle.  What we need is a goat.

And those are my little tea roses.  My imperfect roses.  They don’t get enough sun.  And they get too much water.  And they’re attacked by all sorts of things.  But they keep growing.  My husband gave them to me eight years ago.  I would never try to move them and risk harming them, so they stay put.

I hope you have a nice vacation day.  If this is a sad day for you, I’m sending a prayer out that you’ll feel joy and sweetness and comfort and hope for beauty that will come.



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