ok so now it’s done, and moth


mothWe all agree: the putty-colored bits look like golf course sand traps, and the grass is scary green, and it generally has the feel of camo….but it will do; it does look vaguely like a church near trees and a mountain.

I’m cool with that.

Now I just need somebody to cut the painted part away from the rest of the plywood.

My best friend Lucy is coming to stay for a few days!!

Lucy and I are so at ease with each other.  She’s the best listener.  We go way back.  And she likes pretty much everything I do, like sewing, and walking, and reading, and she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She’s the only one of my friends, though, who spends time in my dishwasher licking the food bits off the plates.  It appears to be a cultural thing.  She’s from Maryville.

I took a picture of this same kind of moth probably three, four years ago in this same exact place on the front of my house.  Wouldn’t it be weird if it was the same moth?  I think we should name her.  She looks, to me, like a green-eyed silver screen goddess.

So how about Ava (Gardner):

Ava{via here}

or Sophia (Loren):

Sophia{via here}

What do you think?


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