the amazing story of my blooms

Smoky Mountain SpringToday I traipsed in a big loop round my neighbors’ and our house and cut off blossoms.

I just wanted to see them all together in one place.

And now I have.

Only the apple blossom and Redbud are from my yard.

I made my niece and my daughter come stare at them all in one place like this.  It is my collection, I said, and I’m the curate.

Then I put all the blossoms in a bunch of wee Cracker Barrel syrup and wee-er candy flavoring jars and left them on my counter.

Then a gust of wind blew in through the open window next to them and the jars all fell over and it was a disaster.

That’s the story, the amazing story.


About i said tennessee

Me, just me, in Tennessee

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