Doing-It-Myself Paint-By-Number

Ok so look what this person did on a wall: paint-by-number mural.

This summer, I hope, we’re going to redo our deck area.  And I so want to do a mural like that.  I love vintage paint-by-number landscapes, and I’d like a giant one on some birch plywood.  Original, unfinished kits are a bit hard to come by, and when one does come upon one, they’re pricey.  I only saw one I kinda liked, but, and this is a dumb hangup, the deer in it are mule deer.  There are no mule deer here, only whitetail.  In theory, I could sort of modify the ears, but in reality I know I’d make the deer look like…not deer.  Like freakish cats.

And then I was all like Hey why cannot I just make my own paint-by-number?

So I drove up the road, took a few pics of this adorabs church….



P1070085…selected one, and outlined it (sort of, I modified it quite a bit, huh?) in Adobe Illustrator.

paint-by-numberBethlehem-ChurchunnumberedNow I have to number it.

Then have it printed as a transparency.

Then get plywood.

Then locate a projector.

Then trace it onto plywood.

Then paint it.

Ok, so this is going to be a very long process.

But the “then paint it” part will be so fun!!!!  If only I can get to that point.



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One response to “Doing-It-Myself Paint-By-Number

  1. Id flip the image too you can do that in illustrator too. Our ‘eye’likes to read from left to right so the natural sweep would be from top left down and through the middle. At the moment this space is empty so better to flip it the you eye will follow trees to chapel and rest in the emptier space. 🙂

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