i ran up a lot of stairs

Loudon2Loudon1Loudon5My friend and I did a crazy stair step workout a few days ago.  Run, then go up one hundred stairs by a parking garage, run, repeat.  Repeat.  I overdid it.  My kids and I hiked yesterday and I was sooooooooo slow.  My calves hurt so bad I felt like crying.  I’d stop and pretend to be taking a picture of something.  They’d be way ahead yelling at me to keep up.  I’d psyche myself up, massage my calves, then plunge forward walking like a robot.

Durn stairs.

East Tennessee is coming alive with color.  I want to take more pics today.  Also we are having major allergy symptoms.  There are snotty tissues all over my house.  Basically, our home and vehicles are just huge bio-hazards.

But it’s so pretty outside.

Hope you have a swell weekend!


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